Home Improvement

posted on: Thursday, December 17

I’ve been slowly tackling projects around the house in an attempt to spruce things up. My latest project was inspired by an image that I found a while back and have had stored in my inspiration folder. I recently came upon it while looking for some clip art and decided to re-paint my extremely boring desk. I’ve just started but its already coming out just as I’d hoped. See my how-to below. Finished pics will be posted as soon as I’m done!

My inspiration was this beautifully painted wood floor shown above. What a fabulous idea!

And here is my desk mid-paint job. I think its coming out quite lovely so far.
How to: Stencil Relief
  1. Print out a design of your choice on thick card stock
  2. Using an x-acto knife, cut out the design to create a stencil
  3. Place the cut-outs in desired location and tape down (I used paint tape to keep mine in place)
  4. Dab paint over stencil with a brush or sponge
  5. Let dry, then peel up stencil to reveal the stencil relief


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