Jet Setting

posted on: Friday, January 22

It's travel time again! Today marks the beginning of another crazy stretch of travel! I'm off to Ohio to art direct a photo shoot. I'm back in NYC for a couple of days and then have a quick jaunt to upstate New York in the teeny tiny private plane for a press check, which never ceases to make my heart jump despite the amount of trips I've taken in it. From there I'm headed to Boston for another photo shoot and of course the added bonus of seeing my family and my kitty. {I'm looking forward to some Wii golf challenges!} And then its back to the big city. My bags are packed and I'm ready to go, however I have realized that I am in desperate need of some luggage. With all the traveling that I do, I'm actually a little embarrassed to say that my standard form of luggage, if you can even call it that, is an old boat and tote bag from L.L. Bean. Don't get me wrong, I love the totes from L.L. Bean. They especially remind me of the yacht club and I'm somewhat certain that my obsession with monogramming began with them. However, lugging a giant tote stuffed with my essentials through airport terminals is getting a little old! Not to mention, I never check bags so lugging is a bit of an understatement. In an effort to fix this little problem of mine, I have begun researching the wonderful world of luggage and let me tell you, there is a lot out there to choose from! I've narrowed it to these practical, yet still super cute choices. Now, I just have to decide which one I want and what pieces I need!

{Very chic}

{I love the top pocket on this one!}

From top to bottom:

Samsonite Black Label Vintage Collection

LeSportsac Luggage Collection

Liz Claiborne Briana Collection

Diane Von Furstenburg Shyra Collection


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