Penny Lane

posted on: Thursday, January 21

While a friend of mine is away at a conference in Vegas {ah i'm jealous} she asked me to pet sit her cat. Of course as soon as I stopped by to feed and play with her kitty I started to miss my adorable kitty, Penny Lane, who is residing at my parent's house until springtime due to an allergic roommate. So I thought I would post some of my favorite pictures of her. Believe me, I have lots! I can't wait to have her back in my apartment, only a few more months!!

{This one cracks me up}


  1. Hi Rachael, Peggy is typing and translating (to people speak) this letter for me. I miss you tons, too. Although it is rather fun around here at times watching the birds at the feeder or the squirrels out the slider door, it is nothing like the love and attention I get with you. And I am really annoyed with that dog that hangs out here. At first I thought it was fun chasing her, but then she started chasing me back and barking so now we are in an all out war and are not allowed near each other at all. I do think it is rather fun to hide every once in a while from everyone. I can see the panic in your families faces as they search for me high and low. (snicker, snicker) I promise I don't let them get to overwrought, just enough to give me kicks and then I saunter out from my hiding place casually to their delight. They pet me for a long time after these incidents. Anyway, I will try to be good and I know the time is passing quickly until I am back with you. Purr, purr. Love you, Penny Lane