Sale away, sale away!

posted on: Thursday, January 7

I'm sure you've all noticed the crazy sales that are going on right now! They are sooo tempting. I was walking home last night and got wooed by the 70% off sign at BCBG—but let me tell you, this sale is well worth the trip! I got an adorable crop jacket that was so marked down, I felt tempted to get two. I was able to fight the urge, but I would recommend stopping by or visiting their website if you are looking for a great deal. Here's a little loving for BCBG, some pieces I'm really liking below!

{Love, love, love this vest! I can't get enough of sequins! }

From top to bottom:

Cropped Blazer $71


  1. omg, so cute! i love sales. wish i had some money tho! haha