Flower Show

posted on: Monday, March 29

The Boston Flower Show was lots of fun. My Mom and I had a great time taking in all of the displays and perusing the aisles of goodies and plants for purchase. I returned from the flower show with a donkey's tail and a myrtle plant. {Ha, I love the names of plants and flowers.} I learned that I am drawn to succulents, perhaps because of their independent nature and infrequent watering needs. I also learned that I can still manage to seek out the most expensive items even at a flower show. My big purchase was a pair of Maui Jim aviator sunglasses, which I happen to have been eyeing for some time. All in all it was a great trip which left me daydreaming about my dream garden!

{If this were in my backyard, I would take a bath here every day!}

{My Mom and I fell in love with this plant, it looks like something from Alice and Wonderland.}

{Speaking of Alice in Wonderland, how curious are these! They look like they will start talking to you at any moment.}

{These miniature cakes would be adorable at a wedding!}


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