South Beach

posted on: Tuesday, April 27

I'm back with a tan and had so much fun in Miami! The weather was perfect and we had some amazing beach days. We stayed at the Pelican Hotel owned by Diesel and they carried their brand with remnants of Diesel esque staples throughout the hotel. Each room is themed out differently and oh so fun. Some of our favorite themes were Love, Peace, and Leafforest and Best Whorehouse. We ended up in the wild west with a longhorn mirror and gun holster clock ha. The styles in Miami are out of control and I'll surely be posting some Miami inspired pieces later this week. It is so fun to be able to mix it up a little and throw on some bright colors that you wouldn't normally dare wear in NYC. I'm missing the sun and beach already!

{The water was crystal clear and so warm!}

{Themed rooms are so fun and such a great idea!}


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