Suiting Up

posted on: Wednesday, April 21

Packing is one of those things that I dread and generally put off until the last minute. This week I was packing for a full week and anticipating multiple climates. Trying to make sure I was set for Chicago and Miami weather was not an easy task! Not only was I limited on how many shoes I could fit, I needed to make sure I had everything from dresses to jeans and a sweatshirt. Ultimately, after much back and forth I forgot to pack the most essential item—a bathing suit. So, my search began and here are some that I'm loving! Now I have no excuse not to fit in some shopping once we reach Miami and I'm hoping to find a bathing suit as bright and fun as these! To see some more look here , here, and here.

Victorias Secret Bandeau Bathing Suit $40

BCBG Halter Suit $78

J. Crew floral suit $65


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