I Can't Get Enough of: Bracelets & Bangles

posted on: Tuesday, June 15

I've had a thing for bracelets and bangles lately! It seems that every time I walk by an American Eagle Store I need to stop in and scoop up some of their bracelets. I think perhaps I'm craving to go back to those summer days when I would sit with my friends all day long and make friendship bracelets out of beads and string—whatever it is I love overstocking my arm with mixed and matched bracelets. So cute! Well, I'm trying to branch out a little and have found some great buys that will feed all your bangle desires.

From top to bottom:
Rachel Leigh Chain Ribbon Bangle: $46
Topshop Bracelet: $20
Rachel Leigh Jenny Bracelet: $58
Urban Outfitters Bracelet: $8


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