posted on: Monday, June 28

If there is one thing that I wish I could do, it is sing! Sure, I can carry a note during a karaoke session and yea, I've earned a diamond on American Idol for the wii but to really be able to sing is such a gift and unfortunately not one that I poses. I recently read this quote by Megan Fox in US Weekly {celebrity gossip never gets old} "Justin Beiber has more talent in his bangs than I have in my whole body." That gave me a chuckle, but onto the point—I wanted to share a link to Chrissi Poland—someone who absolutely has amazing talent and in my opinion rivals Justin Beiber and any top ten artist for that matter! Chrissi is the older sister of my best friend growing up and I've always admired her amazing vocals. See her in the video below {she's one of the hot red-heads in the back}! See more here. Congrats and keep on singing!


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