When I Was Seventeen

posted on: Friday, June 25

When I was seventeen I was preoccupied with spending time at the beach, making homemade videos with my friends, and working as a lifeguard so I could fill my '87 Buick Century with gas. I thought that I wanted to major in Business {a far cry from graphic design} and I generally had no idea what I wanted to do in the future—or the following week for that matter. Well, a young seventeen-year old from Melbourne, Australia is on a slightly different path—photographing ads for the likes of Diesel and becoming agency signed! While reading through her blog and rummaging through her amazing photographs, I found myself wishing to be seventeen again. However, I have no regrets, just awe for such raw and young talent. Find her photos here and here. And—be prepared to be jealous of her nomadic lifestyle and her apt for being constantly surrounded by young beauties. Ahhh to be young again! {p.s. I know I'm not that old!}


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