Cuffed Jeans

posted on: Thursday, July 1

The number of jeans in my closet is getting a little embarrassing. I still have jeans that are from high school but I just can't seem to get rid of them. The irony is that some are back in style and now being referred to as 'boyfriend jeans'. See, I knew I was keeping them for some reason! {Funny how back in the 90's the same pair of jeans were considered grunge.} So, as a way to re-vamp my closet, I've been pulling out old pieces and making them like new—hence cuffed jeans. Below are some looks that I'm really fond of. Casual but still very stylish. Another way to re-vamp an old pair of jeans? Turn them into shorts!

{Look via Karla's Closet}

{Look via Ruche}


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