posted on: Wednesday, July 7

Ladies, this one is for you! Guys, feel free to pay attention as well. Please take notice that yes, even the models get some extra trimming—and its not due to the latest fab diets or hours of cardio. All you need is a little photoshop. Given that photoshopping is a regular part of my daily job, this article caught my eye, and yes, I'm guilty of it too—making someone's teeth whiter, filling in a bald spot, cleaning up a person's skin. As a designer, it is my job to make photos look better than the original and photoshop is like a little magic wand. This is just a great example of what is considered "normal" photoshopping and wow, could those thighs get any thinner? However, if you read the article you'll realize that this is one company's way of bringing real beauty to light and saying hey, we don't need photoshop. Definitely an interesting twist for a campaign. The U.K. Department Store says, "Our campaign is all about making women feel good about themselves - not eroding their self belief and esteem by using false comparisons." Find the full article here!

Spotted via A Cup Of Jo


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