An American Classic

posted on: Tuesday, August 31

There is something about hot dogs that bring me back to being a kid. Whether it was enjoying a ball park frank at a baseball game or grilling some hot dogs with my Dad in the backyard, there are always fond memories associated with them. It sounds so funny that a simple food would evoke so much emotion, but a trip to Dino's Hot Dogs made for another one of those memories that I'll always cherish. Dino's is basically a food truck on the side of the road near our hometown and, while it seems a little shady at first, the hot dogs are topped with deliciousness! They're all named after local towns and I opted for the 'Scituate' with cole slaw and dijon mustard while my Dad went for the 'Marshvegas' with onions, mustard and melted cheese, and my Brother opted for the classic 'Hanover' topped with relish, mustard, ketchup and diced onions. Yum! Like I always say, its the simple things in life!

{The Marshvegas}

{The Scituate}

{The Hanover}


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