Lobster Dinners, Beaches, and Fairgrounds

posted on: Monday, August 30

This past weekend was one that I would call a perfect summer weekend. On Friday evening I had the pleasure of attending an engagement party for former bachelorette, DeAnna Pappas, at King Jewelers {which I'll be posting about shortly}! Saturday was absolutely gorgeous weather and we spent the entire day at the beach soaking in the sun. That evening we enjoyed an amazing lobster dinner! We had an assortment of sides including cole slaw, corn on the cob, potato salad and of course, lobster rolls and king crab legs. And, I have to mention that New England lobsters are by far the best lobsters out there—yum! That evening we headed to the Marshfield Fair, which I haven't been to in years. It brought back a lot of memories from growing up—walking through the livestock barns and looking at the baby chics and bunnies, eating fried dough and candy apples, and going on rides until I was so dizzy I couldn't walk straight. A true south shore weekend all around!


  1. So glad you are a fellow fried dough lover! Pizza sauce and Parmesan is my weakness