Home Improvement: Wallpapered Up

posted on: Wednesday, October 13

I happen to be a big fan of white walls however, when I see a beautifully wallpapered room I get fantasies about wallpapering every last inch of my apartment. While I don't see that happening any time soon I did come across some fabulous ideas for what to do with your extra wallpaper. I definitely plan on giving some of these fun DIY projects a try and, until I get the courage to wallpaper my walls, I'll just have to stick to blik!

{Ideas from top to bottom: Frame different patterns and wallpapers to make a hanging collage; wrap your favorite books with pretty prints; embellish old cans to make them more eye-friendly; layer a drawer for some unexpected whimsy; add a fun backsplash to a bookshelf. Via Real Simple and Apartment Therapy.}


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