Martha Party Round Two via the Professionals

posted on: Wednesday, October 20

Lucky for me Shane Carpenter Weddings captured the Martha Weddings Party in all its glory, because, as great as the iphone is, it simply didn't do the night justice. I even made the cut with Paloma from Paper Garland. See below for a pic of us playing with the sparkling table tops that react to your touch and move {yes, they thought of everything}. We had such a fun time and danced the night away with Lanie and Cassandra {of the gorgeous Lovely Bride crew} and Carol Hannah. Such a fun night, and its only Tuesday!

Now, for my favorite vendors of the evening: Glittering eye makeup from The Glitter Bar; lovely lashes from Rosie's Beauty Services of Honey in the Rough; gorgeous calligraphy by Mara at Neither Snow; delicious treats from Tribeca Treats; and last but not least rockin' music by Jason Fioto from Generation Events.



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