Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast

posted on: Tuesday, October 5

I feel as though my to-do list is growing faster than I can keep track of it. Thus, I have decided to compile a list of six impossible {or possible} things that I would like to accomplish. While it is not likely that I will complete these tasks before breakfast—or the end of the month for that matter—I hope to tackle them soon. Carpe diem!

Impossible Thing #1 {Wake up early enough to enjoy a cup of cocoa and read my favorite magazine before work.}

Impossible Thing #2 {Go for a bike ride in central park.}
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Impossible Thing #3 {Spend a fall afternoon at the beach reading Tolstoy.}
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Impossible Thing #4 {Send Cartograms to loved ones just because.}

Impossible Thing #5 {Spend an afternoon with the girls and laugh the whole time.}
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Impossible Thing #6 {Hibernate for a day and cuddle.}


  1. This post makes me feel so warm, fuzzy, and happy! I want to do each and every one of these!