Pretty Pictures and Fall Leaves

posted on: Wednesday, November 24

I am SO excited to be heading home tomorrow for Thanksgiving with the family! I purchased a special little snack to surprise my parents with. It is also their birthdays {they have the same birthday, too cute!!} so extra snacks are needed for extra celebration {wink wink}. 

I thought I'd post some gorgeous pictures that I came across while browsing through old photos. I took them a couple of years ago when my family came to NYC for Thanksgiving. We spent an afternoon strolling through central park and the trees were as bright as can be. The weather was unseasonably warm and we ended up taking a carriage ride around the park and spending the entire day outside. We took our Christmas card photo in the park that year and whenever I walk past that spot, I always remember that weekend. 

I hope everyone has a fabulous Thanksgiving holiday. I'm taking a real break for a couple of days but will be back with more at the end of the week! Gobble gobble!

Images copyright Rachael Passing Notes 


  1. Central Park is my most favorite place in the entire world. Such beautiful pictures!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! xoxo