Things We Love via Kate Spade

posted on: Thursday, November 11

When I heard that Kate Spade created a book that is the offshoot of their inspirations website I couldn't wait to get a glimpse. The book itself is wonderful and I think I share just about all of their loves and inspirations, however, what continually impresses me is the brand's ability to make everything so "kate". kate spade is a brand that is truly aware of itself. 

I also wanted to share this wonderful interview about the book by Felt & Wire with Deborah Lloyd, president and chief creative officer of kate spade new york, and Ed Miller, who spearheaded the project at Graytor Printing. For anyone who has had a hand in the printing industry, you'll appreciate this article along with the gold foil stamping, perfect binding, and, lets not forget, the crossovers! 

{p.s. My favorite spread is the Cha Cha spread. Cha Cha is the nickname by brother gave me when he was little and couldn't pronounce Rachael. So, now my family calls me Cha Cha. Smile.}


  1. I can't wait to get my hands on this book! I used to work for ks for many years in NY so it will feel like a nostalgic trip for me. xo