Happy Friday + Links

posted on: Friday, December 3

It finally feels like winter has arrived in NYC. My weekend plans include making a batch of chili, doing some Christmas shopping, and stopping by Rockefeller center to take in the holiday sights. What will you be doing this weekend? Whatever it may be, I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend. Enjoy these snippets from around the web.

{p.s. is this not the cutest most cuddly mouse ever?! via Pinterest}

How cute is this advent calendar via Shim + Sons?!
If I had a fish I would put it in one of these.
This print would be perfect for the "man" room in the house. 
Jelly bands are for adults too! 
This dress and wedding...swoon.
Love these pantone cases for the iphone. 
This is on my kitty's christmas wish list.
Some cute screenprints.
Please take me here!
This knock knock ring actually has a knocker.
Do you like the ocean? You'll love this print.
I'm very fond of this logo and packaging.
Very smart advertising via live dancing in Times Square


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