Merry Christmas

posted on: Thursday, December 23

I will officially be headed home today!! I'm so excited to get home and spend quality time with family cooking, eating, caroling, exchanging gifts, watching movies, and generally goofing off. Some of our family Christmas traditions include watching the movie Captain Ron, gathering around and singing Beatles songs while my Uncle plays his guitar, and, of course, making Christmas cookies for Santa. Now that I list them out I realize how bizarre these traditions may sound to others but I love that it is the quirky little things that bring families together and become traditions that are shared and passed along. What are your Christmas traditions? I hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday filled with food, fun, and laughter! Cheers!

{The tree and angels at Rockefeller Center}

{My tree}

{This cat is all dressed up and ready for the Christmas party. Are you?}


  1. Hope your holidays are merry and bright! And, that tie on your cat is awesome!