Haiti 365: Be their voice.

posted on: Wednesday, January 12

Today marks the one year anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti. For those who don't know, my full time job is working for the U.S. Fund for UNICEF and today I'm delighted to share this amazing and moving video that was put together by our team. I encourage everyone to watch and also to take part in our campaign for Haiti by visiting unicefhaiti365.org and being a voice for the children of Haiti. Please help us to spread the word and share this link with family and friends. Haiti still needs our help! Thank you!


  1. Hey Rachael! That video was beyond moving... Thank you for posting it! I appreciate that hard work. I'll put it on facebook... It's easy to get caught up in helping when the tragedy first happens... it's when we have had time not to think about it and focus on it, months later, where people really need continual support.