Photographer: Vivian Maier

posted on: Thursday, January 13

This is quite an incredible story, so please read on. Vivian Maier was a street photographer from the 1950s — 1990s. Her work was discovered at an auction in Chicago where she resided most of her life. Her work includes over 100,000 negatives, thousands of prints, and undeveloped rolls of film. 
{via Vivian Maier}

John Maloof created the Vivian Maier site in dedication to her work. Her eye for capturing candid moments and her pure talent is really quite amazing. Visit the site here to read more bout Vivian. Unfortunately Maloof was not in touch with Vivian before she passed, but he is continuing to do research to learn as much as possible about this incredible and very private woman.

I personally cannot wait to see more and more of her photos as they are released. There is also a documentary in the works as well as an exhibition at the Chicago Cultural Center! Be sure to visit the site here to read and see even more.


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