Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

posted on: Thursday, February 17

This photo pretty much sums up awkward and awesome thursday. This was taken well over a year ago while I was art directing a photo shoot. Bowling had nothing to do with the shoot, but we had down time and there happened to be a bowling ally. When there's a photographer around and you're trying to waste time the result is kinda awkward and kinda awesome. Yea, I totally got a strike. The Daybook is the brilliant mind behind awkward and awesome thursdays. Check it out. No, seriously, do it! I may just make this a recurring theme because I've got lots more where this came from.

— When you don't hold the elevator door because you're kinda in a rush, or not paying attention, or just don't feel like having to talk to that person, but they make it in the elevator anyways and then you feel like a big dummy and pretend that you really tried to press the open door button...but everyone knows you didn't. 
— When I'm using my neighbors doorbell/peephole as a mirror for putting on my lipgloss in the morning while waiting for the elevator and she opens the door to my face.
— Getting caught in the subway doors. Every day during my commute I inevitably see someone get stuck in the doors. It is definitely not fun to the person getting stuck but its kinda funny to watch. There, I said it. Its funny. 
— Listening to music at work with my headphones on and being really into the song and bobbing my head and mouthing the words and then realizing that someone really important is standing behind me waiting for me to notice them so they can get what they came for and get on with their day already.

— Coming home on Monday and finding a dozen roses and a really sweet card waiting for me. Luv you W!
— The pants that I just scored for $25 and are currently en route to me.
— The facelift my blog is going to get. Its in the works and is coming soon!
— The fact that I'm going to see my BFF this weekend and haven't seen her in a long time. Can't wait!
— Freshly made guacamole that I just ate way too much of. 
— When the alarm goes off and I beg W to stay in bed for five more minutes before he has to get up and he pretends to still get up but then jumps back in bed.
— Using the face time feature with my family. Ok, this can be kind of awkward too if you happen to witness this. We're a weird bunch but we're also AWESOME!
— This THEIT bag giveaway that I really really want to win!!! 

Photo via Ryan Donnell photography. His pics are pretty awesome too!


  1. LOVE the Awkward and Awesomes Thursday…Made me laugh out loud. Keep em coming.