DIY Woven Chain Bracelet

posted on: Wednesday, February 9

When I first saw Aurélie Bidermann's Do Brazil bracelets and necklaces {found here and here} I immediately wanted one. When I saw the price tags however, all I could think was SERIOUSLY?!?! Then I came across this DIY via Honestly WTF and thought...hello!! Of course you can make this yourself! So, I broke out the good old bead box {which is still filled with loads of embroidery thread from my high school days} and got to work. I purchased the chain from M&J Trimming and made a $395 bracelet for a grand total of around $15!! Cha-ching. My results below. The color possibilities are endless!

 {Please excuse my extremely white and hairy arms. Sunny beach, you are needed!}


  1. oooo I love this! I must make one!

  2. i love this! great job rachael!!

  3. Fantastic!! I want to try making one too!!
    Excellent choice of colors!

    Mentioning your stash of embroidery floss from highschool made me LOL - reminded me of all the friendship bracelets I made back then ...