Happy Friday + Link Love

posted on: Friday, February 4

This week is finally over and I'm so excited. This weekend I'll be art directing and styling a makeup photoshoot for Lovely and I can't wait! I feel like I've been planning this forever and I'm thrilled to be working with some amazing talents. {All will be revealed on the blog soon.} And, yes yes I know, it is super bowl weekend. I'm sure I'll tune in for some of the game and, of course, the half time show despite my lack of interest in the teams playing. Really though, any excuse to eat wings and chips and dips, and you can count me in! Have a fun weekend everyone. Link love below.

Image via kissssing.

This Bermuda Triangle of Productivity makes me chuckle.
Loving these rope sandals {and the price tag}!
This bohemian inspired blog has some amazing pics.
Some super bowl recipes and more.
Very cute limited edition chocolates for your valentine.
I want this chalk lettering at my wedding someday!
This footage of a seahorse giving birth is pretty amazing.
The original traveling photo booth.
A goggle umbrella. Brilliant!
Wait, a transparent iphone? But I'm still waiting for the white one?!
This hanging garden needs to be on my balcony.


  1. Happy Father's Day indeed. That second video is so cool. I've always told my husband I wished he was a seahorse for this very reason. It's the ONLY male that gives birth.

    What is Lovely?

  2. Amazing! Oh, Lovely Bridal Shop. I am their beauty and style editor : )