Me & You. You & Me.

posted on: Friday, February 18

Its the weekend. Wahoo! Another busy week behind me and my besties 30th b-day this weekend. {Me & You chici}. We're in for a good one folks. And, can we please talk about the 60 degree weather today?! Eeeeeee is how I feel when I walk outside with only a sweater and am not cold — at all. By the way did you notice anything different on my site?? A re-vamped look perhaps? This is what I do best. Re-design, re-arrange, re-organize. Its therapeutic! Wishing everyone a warm and lovely weekend. Link love below.

Clearly this anchor bag belongs on my shoulder.

A very cute ruffle esq lamp shade DIY.

Paul Smith for evian = uber cute bottle design.

Mom, this whale tissue holder would be perfect for the guest room!

A pretty naughty iphone case. Literally. That's what she said.

I want to hug an elephant!!

These little horse figures may have just found a new home.

Image via ffffound.


  1. HAHAHH I love the cats sleeping. LOVE.

  2. Aw, love the cats sleeping!!! Always where they are not suppose to be! Haha. Have a great weekend! It's suppose to be in the 70s here!