A Ruffle Has To Be Smart

posted on: Wednesday, February 16

I recently visited the Balenciaga exhibit at the Spanish Institute and thought it highly appropriate to post some pics during NYFW. It was great seeing Balenciaga's fashions up close and personal. The detail that went into his work is simply amazing and I loved learning about the inspirations behind his clothing. The exhibit is only open for a few more days so, if you're in NYC hurry on up and get your butt down there. Besides these fabulous dresses there were also some amazing hats, including a turban which is back in style incase you haven't noticed. {I didn't get a pic of the hats because they were close to the guard and I didn't want to get yelled at, but I'm sneaky with my iphone. Or maybe you were totally allowed to take pics and I was trying to be all stealth for no reason. HA} Oh, and the title of this post is a quote by Balenciaga — "A ruffle has to be smart" 


  1. Fantastic dresses! Look at the train on that wedding gown! And those jackets/capes look beautiful too!