Some Awkward & Awesome For Your Thursday

posted on: Thursday, February 24

I thought I'd do a little bonus awkward & awesome Thursday post since my week seemed to have a little extra awkward in it. Enjoy and don't forget to share your awkward & awesome moments with me in the comments! Cheers!

- the very long conversation that I had with the man at the plant store about trying to keep my succulent plant from dying and the look on his face as he explained to me that they are very hard to kill. I'm a serial plant murderer. 
- the look on the plant man's face when I casually referred to my plant by name (his name is henry — yes — I name my plants)
- thinking you see someone you know and waving really frantically and yelling their name loudly then realizing when they turn around that it isn't them and doesn't really resemble them at all
- wearing mis-matched knee socks over my jeggings and not realizing it until I'm out the door. maybe people will think its a new fashion trend or something. right.
- talking on the phone to a professional colleague and automatically saying 'love ya, bye' as I hung up because that's what I always say to friends and family — but definitely not to colleagues — AWKWARD!!
- my extreme over-reaction in the aisle at duane reade when I realized that mini cadbury eggs are back for Easter. I might have yelped a little. 

- the above photo! via we heart it
- W mixing up the phrase 'it's the cat's meow' and instead saying 'it's the cat's pajamas', me relentlessly making fun of him then googling and finding out that it is a real phrase, which we will now be saying a lot
- mini cadbury eggs are here!!!
- NYC restaurant week starts this week and we've got reservations to our fav steak house
- its Thursday, which means tomorrow is Friday, which means its the weeeekend!
- the fact that wipeout makes me laugh uncontrollably every time I watch it.


  1. Love that picture!! Haha I wondered if that was you at first! Great moments! I'm a serial plant killer too, so don't feel bad! ;-) I seriously have a black thumb and can kill everything!

  2. hahahahha i am loving all of the awkward moments - esp. "Henry" and your sock fiasco!

    Also, I love your blog redo - don't think I told you yet. It looks so clean and fresh!

  3. Definitely made me laugh! Found your blog via The Daybook! I was excited about the cadbury eggs too this week!