Awkward and Awesome Thursday

posted on: Thursday, March 3

- The amount of laundry that we go through in two weeks. 30 pounds. Really?? Really. Oye.
- Being called out by a stranger on the subway for intensely playing a game of angry birds {iphoners, this app is addicting}.
- That I'm now adding hummus to the list of 'people foods' that my cat loves. Bad kitty.
- Me jumping up and down in Borders when I found the Hunger Games board game and then getting lots of strange looks from people.
- Fanny packs being back in fashion. I just don't get that one. 
- When you're in a hurry and rounding a corner {I happened to be at work} and you run into someone else rounding the corner at the same time and SMACK your face just smashed their face. Yea that's awkward.

- Getting an issue of WWD in the mail and seeing the ad I designed in it!!! AWESOME!
- The Bachelor this week. Major guilty pleasure!
- The fact that we got a brand new set of Pantone books at work!! Go ahead, call me a design geek.
- This recipe for zucchini risotto. Just made it. Highly recommended!
- Finding some SUPER cute pictures of my brothers when they were little. Do I post them? Uh yea. Mwwaahaaahaahaah {evil laugh}.

Image via Super Swoon


  1. so where are those pics of me and cam?!

  2. swoon... the bachelor is indeed my guilty pleasure as well...and boy did he choose well :)