Awkward and Awesome Thursday

posted on: Thursday, March 10

I recently stumbled across some pictures of my brothers when they were little(er) and couldn't resist posting them. I figured they'd be perfect for an awkward and awesome post because 1. they're wearing girl sunglasses {awkward} and 2. how cute are they?!?! {awesome}. They are respectively much older now {sigh} although not that much older considering they are still only 18 and 13 {awww}. But, they'll always be my adorable little brothers. Thanks handsomes for providing the perfect awkward and awesome pic this week {mmwaaahahhaaaahaa — evil laugh}. 

- Forgetting someone's name when you're introducing people {doh, so bad with names!}
- Walking around all morning at work and not realizing that my fly was down. 
- Talking on the phone with and making friends with the cable guy {who is in the Phillipines} and then feeling sad when I have to hang up with him.
- Still refusing to say grande or venti when ordering my morning coffee at Starbucks and going back and forth with the counter person...medium please. grande? no medium. grande? NO, fine, whatever.
- My cat's obsession with our hallway and the fact that she now cries at the door just so she can sit in it. Weird.
- Having a sock stuck in your jeans and sticking out of the bottom and not realizing it until you're out in public then stuffing it in your bag really quick hoping no one noticed. {awkward!}

- The Bachelor season finale party that I've planned for next week. The invite reads: You're invited to the final rose ceremony. Eeeeeeeee! {That's my excited noise.}
- Meeting up with an old friend that you haven't seen in forever and having a blast.
- My plans to rearrange our living room this weekend — its like therapy.
- Cadburry mini eggs. I'm just going to reiterate how awesome these are. 
- Getting packages in the mail, especially when they're a surprise!
- Finally learning about four square and knowing that I am definitely going to become the mayor of the Starbucks by my office. Its happening folks. 


  1. You are SO adorable! Love your blog! I am SOO stoked for The Bachelor on Monday as well & I'm having a party too! =)

    Haha...I love the Starbucks cup size's so....Italian? lol.

    Hope you have a great day! xo