Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

posted on: Thursday, March 31

Yesterday was craptastic. I ended my work day with my head hung low and feeling like the narsty scum on a piece of bubble gum stuck to the bottom of a dirty shoe. Ok, I'm being uber dramatic here but on my way home I did what any girl would do to pick herself up — got a mani, bought myself some pretty flowers {and a lotto ticket}, watched reality tv, and ate food. Feeling MUCH BETTER! Some awkward and awesome below.

{Jeans: AE, Top: Pookie & Sebastian in stores, Shoes: Steve Madden}

— Mister doorman telling the bf to be careful when he walks in the door. Apparently I need to work on my poker face. 
— Deciding to be miss chatty while shopping in the Target super store and having to tell everyone around me how exciting it is to be able to actually push a big shopping cart around without dodging civilians in the aisle.
— Forcing my friends to order fried zucchini sticks AND fried pickles and then all feeling sick after. Soowwwy.
— Trying to explain to the bf why it is absolutely necessary to decorate Easter eggs.

— Fresh flowers. They just make me smile.
— My photography course starts in a mere two weeks! Holla.
— Family is coming to visit soon and I CAN'T WAIT!
— Finding ten dollars in a jacket pocket. This is super awesome because I never carry cash. Never. 
— Buying fresh fruit from the fruit man with my found ten dollars. Fruit man doesn't take debit cards. 


  1. you are the cutest dear friend :) Sorry you had a crapola day... I've been there, and those aren't fun! Glad a mani could cure it :) Fresh cut flowers ALWAYS work for me!

  2. A manicure always fixes everything. Love the shoes! What color is the polish on your toes, I really like it?

  3. I'm totally cracking up at you, Rachael...some of your "awkwards" are actually "awesome" the
    fact that you're forcing your bf to decorate eggs (I did the same) and the fact that you were Chatty Cathy at Target (something I used to make fun of my mom for but totally do myself now). Hope you're day is more happy and less crappy! xo

  4. you are SO adorable. i love the outfit and your list of awkward and awesome moments. yesterday was crappy for me too and today i'm feeling WAY better as well. so i can totally relate!

    i hope you keep having an AMAZING day darling!!!! =)

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  5. Well, you are going to have to wait for the fam to decorate those eggs! Tradition. So your poor bf not only has to help decorate, but has to help decorate with your family. haha

  6. fantastic outfit! i would like one of everything please! i am so that girl that tells everyone in target random stuff they don't care about. own it.