The Bachelor Final Rose: Spoiler Alert

posted on: Tuesday, March 15

Eeeeeeeee! The Bachelor 'final rose' party was so much fun! I had a bar reserve tables and a television for us, and we were a group of 8 girls squealing and saying 'aaaaawwwwww' in high pitched voices throughout the entire show. Lots of girl talk topped off with wings, fries, beer, and chocolate covered strawberries! I also adorned the tables with roses and made sure  everyone took one home! Sooooo {spoiler alert!!!} Yayyyy we were all thrilled that he picked Emily and were in awe of how level headed she was throughout the show. Woot woot for Emily! Also, did you hear that Ashley H will be the new Bachelorette? Ahhh, more guilty pleasures coming soon. Thanks for joining me girls, I had a blast! Cheers everyone!


  1. delicious and beautiful! lovely greetings

  2. Awww - too bad I don't live close enough to have asked for an invite to the party! I really hope Brad and Emily make it! I liked how they had former Bachelor/ette couples give them great advice! (Don't you just adore Ryan and Trista?!?)