Hangin Around

posted on: Wednesday, March 23

Guess what happens when you ditch your winter wardrobe and pull out the spring digs? The weather channel tells you its going to snow again. Blarg. Well, at least I got one springy outfit in this week. Take that snow. Kapow! Ok, enough of the batman sound effects. Scroll down to see if you won the lip gloss giveaway! 

P.S. You can also find me here today eyeing a fabulous pair of ChloƩ sandals!

Congratulations Jen, you're the winner of the lip gloss giveaway!!
Please e-mail me at rachael@rachaelpassingnotes.com and we'll mail it out to you! Thanks everyone for participating!!



  1. LOVE that dress!!

    the weather stinks here too.. woke up to a winter wonderland!! and i'm not too happy about it...

  2. love that little dress of yours!

  3. I love the pattern of the dress! So adorable!

  4. I used to have a pair of shoes just like those! I guess I should have held on to them.

  5. Adore this dress!!! :D


  6. I love the dress! I looked on the website to order it but was unable to find it! Any help?

  7. Hi everyone! This dress is from Francesca's Collections but it is from Spring of last year. I did notice that Frock Candy had a very similar pattern in a tank top. But, I recently visited a Francesca's Collections and they have a lot of dresses that are very similar style. This dress is actually sleeveless and the bow in the front ties around the neck if you want. I would keep checking back on their site...I'll keep an eye out as well and post some similar ones if I see them!! Thanks for commenting :)