In The Bag: Makeup Edition

posted on: Thursday, March 24

What's your beauty regimen like? I love getting a peek into friends makeup bags and there's a good chance if you invite me over I'll be asking to rummage through your beauty products. After posting about what I carry in my handbag {seen here}, I thought it was high time to share my makeup and beauty essentials. Over the years I've tried everything. I'm a drug store junkie and a Sephora addict. And, I've finally honed in on my go-to products. Is there one product you can't live without? Oooo tell me about it! I love trying out new products!

Skin essentials:

Makeup essentials:


  1. I am recently obsessed with Fiberwig mascara. It essentially "paints" on fake lashes but doesn't make you look like you are about to go work the corner. I always had trouble with mascara because it inevitably ended up smearing under my eyes. Fiberwig never does that! You should try it, Rach!

  2. I'm a huge fan of Urban Decay eyeshadow primer :) And yay for the light-up lip gloss!