Kiss Me, I'm Italian + Some Awkward & Awesome

posted on: Thursday, March 17

HA, just kidding. But not really. I'm Irish and Italian. 50% of both to be exact which means that despite my dominating Italian genes, I am still required to celebrate St. Patrick's Day every year. This morning I celebrated with a shot — of espresso — and maybe, just maybe I'll have some Irish coffee later! Happy St. Patty's Day everyone! I hope that you are all feeling lucky today! And now for some awkward and awesome:

- The amount of Starbucks coffee cups that litter my desk by the end of the week and how awkward I feel when people comment on them. Slob.
- Me attempting to carry, push, pull, roll, budge a heavy piece of furniture. Quite comical.
- People in NYC walking with golf umbrellas. {This is also a major pet peeve of mine}
HELLO people…those big umbrellas don't fit on the sidewalk. Get a normal umbrella!

- Looking at my ipod while running and almost running into someone. Oops

- My super talented Mom is in a little competition...'like' her painting here and help her out!!!
- The hilarious UNICEF Celebrity TAP campaign that just launched for world water week. Check it out here, especially if you like super awesome celebrities such as Rihanna, T. Swift, Selena Gomez, and Adriene Grenier. Yea!
- Weather this weekend. 70 degrees. Enough said.
- Went for a run outside and actually made it back. {The huffing and puffing and nearly dying goes in the awkward column.}
- I am registered for a photography course. It's happening folks!
- The 5k race that is taking place at the Bronx Zoo that raises money for penguins. Zoo, penguins…I can run for that!
- Going to Brookstone and playing with all the fun thingys they have there. You have to drag me out of that place!

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  1. What's embarrassing is even when I'm running on the treadmill I feel unsteady if I look down at my ipod. I am so jealous of your 70 degrees!!