Recipe Time: Soft Pretzels

posted on: Wednesday, March 2

Over the weekend we had a little oscar party with friends who invited us over to watch the show, have dinner, and most importantly celebrate their recent engagement {yay Kristen and Mike!}. The idea was that they would make dinner, we would make the appetizers, and then we would swap the recipes! I decided to go with homemade soft pretzels {because who doesn't like pretzels?!} and they were GOOD! The bonus was that I also made cinnamon and sugar pretzels so they served as a desert as well. I got the recipe via my Joy of Cooking recipe book but you can find it right here. They were surprisingly easy to make and I pretty much had all of the ingredients already in my kitchen, which is always a bonus. Enjoy!


  1. I actually had one of these today already! :D Oh the perks of living in Germany! :D

  2. These look great. I've been dying to make pretzels and I'm glad to hear they are fairly simple!

    Lexi @

  3. Those look yummy. Saving the link to the recipe so I can try them. Thanks for sharing! :)