Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

posted on: Thursday, April 7

Oh yea, it's Thursday! I've got lots of awkward and awesome this week. P.S. Feel free to share your awkward and awesomes in the comments. I love reading these! Cheers!

- Doing hot yoga and having an EXTREMELY sweaty and hairy bare chested man next to me with the teeniest most un-proportional feet I've ever seen (which did not help his balance). AND having to listen to his SUPER loud breathing and moaning the whole time. This is yoga — not a lamaze class!!! Next time I'll be choosing my yoga seat waaaay more carefully.
- Me doing hot yoga. Yea, I'm not perfect either!
- The amount of pain that my body is in right now. Seriously it hurt to put my jeans on this morning.
- Playing in my company softball league and having a MAJOR fly ball come my way — somehow miraculously catching it and then doing a very sporadic dance in celebration. (Ok, this is kinda awesome too!)
- The unexpected cheering section of homeless people that formed around the field at our softball game. Hmmm can't really explain this one.

- I feel like I'm in college again with all of this physical activity. And yes, I get uber competitive so watch out!
- Speaking of sports leagues, here's a fun fact: I met the bf playing dodgeball :) I think that's kinda awesome. Our team name was team funbags. OH BOY.
- I saw tulips popping up the other day. A sign of SPRING!
- I have a very exciting post for Monday!!! I'm reaaaallly excited about it!
- I'll be attending bridal market this weekend and looking at lots of pretty dresses!!
- These cats. They're SO funny. They make me laugh.
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  1. Love thsi shot of the cats! It almost looks like an illustration! :) Ouch for sweaty hairy guy... I once had one of those fell asleep and snore next to me on a yoga class.. :D

    P.S: I'm giving away FIVE supercool Travel Photography guides.. I thought you might be interested! :D

  2. I love cats. They be awesome. Just like you said!

    So tell me...what exactly is "hot" yoga? Is this something I should google? Clearly, it wasn't so hot with duder there right next to you. Ick!

  3. haha. those cats. :)

  4. um those cats are freaking adorable. i love them and their awesome/awkwardness!

    also i'm trying hot yoga this week - will let you know how it goes ahhhh!!!!