Recipe Time: Blueberry Scones

posted on: Tuesday, April 5

I used to get my blueberry scones at the cafe in the Borders near my apartment. This particular cafe 'imported' them from a bakery in Long Island and those scones were a-mazing! Well, the cafe closed and along with it my fantabulous scones went. I was unable to track down the bakery that made them {and I'm fairly certain the employees at Borders have nicknamed me the crazy scone girl and I finally stopped calling them.} So, I've been on the hunt for a recipe that compares and these were my first attempt at re-creating perfection. I have a feeling this will be a 'princess and the pea' scenario — while these scones were delish, they weren't an exact match. But, they were easy to make and they're absolutely satisfying my scone desires until I feel up to testing out another recipe. Find the recipe here. And if you are reading this and you know of a bakery in Long Island that makes incredible blueberry scones — email me right now!! Please and thank you!

P.S. I skipped the fussy part of this recipe that requires making them into little triangles and just plopped that dough down!


  1. They LOOK delicious and I'm all about plopping the dough down instead of making them into triangles. I used to be a perfectionist so when I made scones, I forced myself to do that part, and it's so meticulous and gross because of the consistency of the dough.

    Anyway, these look so yummy. I hate when you just can't get a perfect match, though. Good luck!

  2. i'm a crazy scone girl too!! it's all good...

    yum... i need to make these! stat!!

  3. I am so glad to hear that someone else bakes scone lumps - I just do not have the patience for fancy triangles.

    xox Lexi
    Glitter & Pearls