I Guess My 'Limited Wardrobe' Just Won't Cut It

posted on: Tuesday, May 3

When I read this article I was totally turned off. To sum it up Scott Schuman, editor of the extremely popular fashion blog, The Sartorialist, is 'not a fan of personal style blogs' because most of the girls posting outfit pics 'only have a limited wardrobe' and 'don't have many clothes to shoot.' Hmmmppff. I am a major lover of fashion. I don't work in the fashion industry and I don't have an unlimited budget so in that sense I would definitely fall into the 'limited wardrobe' category. But, I think the best thing about personal style blogs is that for many that is the whole point! If we had unlimited wardrobes it wouldn't be the same. I like seeing the same skirt remixed in different ways. I like looking at blogs and seeing a cute outfit and thinking, hey, I can wear that too. I think that part of the reason personal style blogs are so popular is that they are relatable. Real people wear clothes over and over. We don't have racks of clothing brought in for our disposal and, lets take a closer look here...The Sartorialist posted this pic and this pic and still made those comments which seems contradictory to me! I just think that Mr. Schuman needs to re-think his perspective a bit and take into consideration the fact that fashion is not just about having unlimited access to amazing clothes. And, how he can think that personal style bloggers don't have interesting looks is beyond me. What blogs is he basing this off of? I understand that his fashion taste is in the 'high-fashion' realm but ultimately I found the article off-putting. As for me, I'm going to continue posting my unextensive wardrobe but, I happen to love comfy leggings, chunky sweaters, and my old beat up tank top!


  1. I totally agree with you, and I love seeing your outfits! Every once in a while it's nice to look at someone who has a different bag for every day of the year, but it's much more useful to me to see what people manage to do with the same items over and over again (like a normal person).

  2. I need to read that article... I normally like him but this doesnt sound good at all.... btw I´m wearing almost exactly the same as you on this pic, but my jumper is black! :D


  3. If you're a fashion blogger with a "real" life and budget then you're going to need to get creative with your outfit posts and re-vision what you wear all the time, isn't that the fun we have with it? Sad to hear this from someone I admire...


  4. Now I'm confused. Does he admire personal style but only that of which he deems acceptable? Sounds like one big fashion elitist to me.

  5. i completely agree with everything you wrote... couldn't have said it better!

  6. what a cozy weekend outfit! all snuggly but sexy @ the same time. :D

    hillaryaryn @ anxiousalphabet.blogspot.com

  7. I couldn't agree more! Rude and ridiculous.