posted on: Wednesday, May 11

I spent this past weekend with the fam up in Ogunquit {how fun is that to say?!} Maine. We had so much fun relaxing, walking around, and taking in the gorgeous scenery. And as you may know I've been taking a photography course and I took ahellofalotta pics! So, here you go — lots of pics from Maine! Enjoy lovelies. Round two will be up soon cause there's more where that came from!

 Road trips aren't complete without some passion iced tea!
 We got seated at table 51, the same as my parent's house number. Coincidence? I think not.
 THE best spinach artichoke dip. Ever. And, we got the recipe. Bam!
 Take me to the candy shop.
 Can we just talk about all the deliciousness going on here?!
 This little guy stole my heart!
Tee hee, for those who are not familiar with Maine, this sign says it all!


  1. OMG i saw your rachael passing notes on francesca's "blogs we love" webpage! how awesome :D


    p.s. love the nautical outfit :>

  2. Your pictures are great! I love the ones of the candy, they're so colorful and cheery.

  3. WOW it looks gorgeous there! I've never been to Maine which is just crazy. I've been all over the US & Canada but never made it there. These photos make me want to take a trip this summer. Now you have me thinking :)

  4. so love that we're on the same wave-length today! that pug is PRESH-US!! Also, I heart passion tea too - let's be friends? :)

  5. 1. that artichoke dip looks delish
    2. what an adorable pug
    3. i heart passion tea
    4. candy store = heaven

    that is all! lol