posted on: Tuesday, June 28

I'm back! Chicago was amazeballs! The weather was gorgeous, the city was beautiful, and I'm feeling rediculously inspired by HOW Design Live. {If you saw any of my tweets over the past few days you'll know what I mean.} I just may have to beg my boss to move the creative team to the Chicago office! {I wish.} We took advantage of any breaks to be had and explored every part of this fine city. We saw the bean, took a boat tour and got panoramic views of the city, we took in skyscraper after skyscraper, and SO much more, which I'll be divulging over the next few days! For now it is good to be home!

 Cute little Vespa named Buddy!

Oh yes, and this is all my design swag. 
{Arranged meticulously like any good geeky designer would do!}


  1. I love these images! Amazing. Especially the first. Definitely want to visit chicago now!

  2. i'm so jealous! that's all i have to say!! lol

    so glad you had an amazing time!