HAIR — Beachy Loveliness

posted on: Thursday, June 16

I am getting a relaxing treatment in my hair today. I'm a little nervous at the potential outcome of this said treatment but I have been told that I will essentially no longer have to blow dry, straighten, or style my hair at all. Ummm hellooo! Yes, please. Just an fyi...this is NOT the brazilian straightening treatment. While I do end up straightening my hair 80% of the time, I just love that beachy, wavy, au-natural hair and I'm lucky enough to be able to get a curl when I want it. So, this little treatment is my effort to go beachy without actually having to do anything — and to go sans hair dryer and straightening iron for the summer! Ohhh I do hope it works. No more frizz...fingers crossed. I leave it to the hair gods now. 

Images via Pinterest


  1. So exciting! I actually got a relaxing treatment (the brazilian) and it was so worth the money. It saves me hours every week in straightening time. Hope it turns out amazing!

    p.s. I love that second image! Makes me want to go surfing.