I'm A Wannabe Surfer + Link Love

posted on: Friday, June 10

Oh hey there. Yes, its true. I have always wanted to be a surfer girl. Always. If I could just up and quit my job I would move to a sunny locale with amazing beaches and gnarly waves. I'd live in a little shack right by the water and never wear shoes. Ever. I'd always have sand in my hair and smell like the ocean. It would be AWESOME! Who knows, maybe someday I'll do just that. For now I'll just go visit Saturdays and daydream a little. Link love below!

Ok, this made me chuckle. 

Holy moly this may be the best grilled cheese ever.

If you get a job with Apple you could work in a spaceship. Holla.

Ever wanted to build your own boat? Now you can.

If you have not heard this rendition of Heartless I suggest you give it a listen. Lovers it!

This dog is living my surfer dream. Awwww.

Image via Oracle Fox


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