Taste Of Chicago

posted on: Thursday, June 30

Once we arrived in Chicago our concierge informed us of the Taste of Chicago. How did we get so lucky?!?! We bee lined it for Memorial Park, purchased our tix and thus began the growth of little food babies right inside our tummies. We sampled popcorn balls dipped in frozen ice {if you look close you can see it 'steaming' away}, tacos with fiery verde sauce, sweet potato fries, grilled corn on the cob with gooey melted butter, hot doggers, and THE most amazing cheesy garlic  holey moley deliciousness bread that I've ever tasted. We also saw the biggest drumsticks. Ever! Then we sat motionless for an hour. Just kidding. But, it was a sensational day for our taste buds!


  1. your photos are chicago are amazing! its def on my list of places to visit... and that food looks delish too! starting to make me drool a lil'.... ;)

  2. you're in chicago?! this is my city i wish i'd known. but so glad you enjoyed the taste! great pix.

    i'm heading to NYC this weekend and can't wait to do some major shopping!

    xo hillaryaryn @anxiousalphabet

  3. I'm sooooo jealous that you got to go to this, if only they'd had it during the school year!