A New View

posted on: Wednesday, October 12

During my little blogging break I moved apartments! Now those close to me will laugh because I move apartments almost every year. No joke. So far since being in Manhattan I've lived in Spanish Harlem, Park Slope Brooklyn, The Upper West Side, Murray Hill, Midtown, and now...wait for it...JERSEY. Am I really a Jersey girl?!? How did this happen? Well, after searching for apartment after apartment and finding overpriced and undersized my friends who lived in Hoboken told me to listen up. So I took a little trip over the bridge {under the bridge?} through the path, and on the other side is this great little city. My new home has quite an amazing view of downtown Manhattan and in the spirit of talking about a new view I found this slideshow via the Times showing the rise and fall of the World Trade Towers and had to share this photo. Do scroll through the slideshow if you haven't seen it. While the images toward the end are hard to view, I'm fascinated by the rest of them. Who would have thought that this little view right here would someday be what I see out of my window.


  1. My Rachael is a Jersey girl!?! I can't wait to hear more!

  2. I'm amazed you've moved so much w/i NY - now that is an accomplishment! I lived on the UES in the same apt for the entire 9.5 years I lived there. I don't think I could afford to move and we even used to joke that we couldn't afford to move out of NY. Anyway, happy for you....Hoboken is darling; always loved my ventures over there (celebrated my 28th bday there). Enjoy your new apt and state!