This Hiatus Is Officially Over

posted on: Tuesday, October 11

I'm back! Did you think I was gone for good? Sometimes you simply need to take a breather and let me tell you, I sure needed this one! I thought I would share some of the pics I took from my trip to Yosemite. From hiking down a 3,000 foot mountain to gazing at waterfalls we did it all. {I literally could not walk the next day.} But the views were simply breathtaking! The trip was amazing and I'm so glad to finally being sharing it. The goal for now, to get back to posting regularly. Cheers my friends!


  1. Welcome back to blogging! You've been missed :)

  2. Was just thinking of you today! We have to catch up! Glad you're back :)

  3. Just Googled you today on a whim, and I'm glad to see you're back! I added you to the blogs I follow so I'll be keeping up with you regularly now. P.S. - how precious is that little puppy?!