Wine Tasting, Birthdays, and The White House

posted on: Wednesday, February 22

My long weekend consisted of a mish mash of events — celebrating birthdays {love you Coll Col, miss you already}, wine tasting in Virginia {I think we sampled over 50 wines}, visiting DC for the first time ever {helloooo White House, leave it to me to see you for the first time after a terrorist tries to get you.} We ran around like crazy and laughed till our bellies hurt. Not to mention the loads of yummy food we ate {and yes that includes Dairy Queen and Friendly's — when in the South!} Wishing this long weekend wasn't over. But oh, hello 55 degree weather in February. At least something is making this week a little better.


  1. That sounds like the perfect weekend. Mish-mashed weekends are the best!