Cooking Fail

posted on: Monday, March 5

Last night I attempted to make jambalaya. I found a fairly easy recipe, gathered my ingredients, and set to work. Somehow I must have been majorly distracted. Perhaps it was the music, fun conversation, or distraction of my cat being super darned cute with her catnip toy. Doh, catnip! Whatever it was, I was fooled the whole way through. That jambalaya smelled damn good. It was perfection. I even plated it all pretty and made a kick-ass salad on the side. Well — one bite later and I was seriously worried that my mouth would never work again, and that my stomach might explode. It was THE HOTTEST and spiciest {not in a good way} food I've ever tasted in my life. I've got a bone to pick with whoever wrote that recipe. Note — when a recipe tells you to make a cajun spice and gives you another recipe for making that spice, it does not mean you then use the entire contents of said spice. NO. You must very very carefully pay attention to how much of that spice you should use and then save the rest for later. C'mon people. Why would you make five times as much spice if you're not going to use it ALL in the recipe? Very unclear. Despite some very sweet attempts to tell me "No, its still really good", we ate as much as we could handle, sweat our buns off, and embraced dessert. Helloooo, chocolate covered peanut butter filled pretzels!! You just made my dinner.


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