I Got A Bike

posted on: Wednesday, June 27

It was an early birthday gift — and now all I want to do is go for bike rides. If you had seen my face when we went to the store it likely would have reminded you of a five year old. Actually, the entire experience of looking at bikes, riding them, telling the bicycle man exactly what I wanted brought me back to being five. The only difference was that I've decided to upgrade from little streamers that stick out of the handle bars to an "adult looking" bike basket. I'm eyeing this one. And, if you are in NYC and you see a girl on a white bike with the biggest grin on her face racing up and down the west side highway, wave hallo cause its probably me! Thank you mister bike man for putting up with my futile questions about what color frame and tires I can get and how do I switch out my seat and handlebars for my higher aesthetic choices? I really cracked you up that day. BUT the bigger thank you goes out to my man for getting me an awesome birthday gift a whole month early! I know you got tired of me whining about how much cuter my bum would be if we could ride to work every day ;) XOXO

Images via Pinterest


  1. That is a pretty bike! What a great birthday gift! Hope you get to enjoy it a lot over the summer season! :)